R.I.P. Monday, Januari 13, 2014

It was an unbelievable blow to me when I received the terrible news of Freddie's passing, although I knew he hadn't been well for sometime. I somehow thought he would pull through being the strong character that he was, but it wasn't to be.

I first met Fred in the mid 70's when our paths crossed many times around the Rock 'n' Roll circuit, mainly because of our involvment with the late great Screaming Lord Sutch who was a great friend of ours who we both worked with at different times as members of The Savages.

On one occasion that I shall never forget I was meeting up with Freddie at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester back in 1977. I was playing with Matchbox at the time, and Freddie was playing on the same bill as us where he demolished the piano he was playing on with a chain saw... It was something you had to see to believe, and the Teds & Rockers loved every moment of it.

It was at this show that Freddie first asked me to work with him on his debut album for the Rockhouse label in Holland, followed by several tours around Europe playing some of the Wildest, Craziest, High Energy Rock 'n' Roll, that again had to be seen to be believed, and I know we wouldn't have changed any of it if we had our time again... Potholes and all... They were wonderful days!

I took a lot of leaves out of Freddie's book over the 16 years of working with him, and I really don't think you will ever see the likes of Rock 'n' Roll performers and showmen like Freddie again, and that's a great shame... He was a one off from an era that has long disappeared with all the other greats of his time.

He has always been a great friend to me and my family over the years, and I shall always hold him close to my heart as I'm sure his family and many fans will too. There can only be one... 'One-Eyed Boogie Boy' and thats my ol' soul mate in Rock 'n' Roll... Freddie Fingers Lee, who's memory will always live on through his music!!

R.I.P. Freddie.
Always a Friend,
Wild Bob Burgos (Januari 2014)


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