I guess Wild Bob Burgos wants you to know he likes rockin' one hundred percent. Did you ever notice that each and every album ever released by Wild Bob Burgos & The Houserockers have the word "Rockin'" in the title? No exceptions. And all of these albums have a lot of rockin' to offer. Take 25 of Bob's favorite tracks, recorded between 1984 and 2004, and what you get is 100% Rockin'. So pickin' the title for this "Best of Wild Bob" compilation wasn't too difficult I guess.

If you have been a fan of The Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll for as long as I have, this compilation won't hold any surprises apart from a recently re-recorded version of "Sun of a Gun", which Bob recorded previously with Shotgun (released on 45 and included on Shotgun's album "Viking Rock"). But if you just recently discovered the true meaning of Rock 'n' Roll, you will be surprised and thrilled, to say the least, when you listen to this collection of hard knockin' British roots rock.

Wild Bob Burgos needs no introduction to the hardcore rockers, he is and always will be the only true Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll, and he has been hitting the skins for many popular rockers and bands. The Wild Angels, Screaming Lord Sutch, Matchbox, Shotgun, Freddy 'Fingers' Lee, Johnny Angel, C.S.A., Vetle Martin, Kenneth Swanstrom, The Cruisers, Dave Travis Band, Geno Washington, Heinz of the Tornados, Tommy Bruce, Wee Willie Harris, Don Lang, Brian Poole of the Tremeloes and many many more, not to mention backing up many of the greatest rock 'n' roll originators on tour. Through the years, many superb musicians have accompanied Bob on his many tours and solo recordings as his Houserockers. Bob sticks to his own blend of roots Rock 'n' Roll and Rhythm 'n' Blues.

Not only is this album a 22 year history of British Rock 'n' Roll, it's also a tribute to the man who has become a legend in his own time for his dedication to our music. Bob's heart is wild, Bob's appearance is wilder, and Bob's music is the wildest. And besides all that, Bob is also the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

I have dedicated my life to rock 'n' roll, the only way I knew how, by using pen and paper, and later on my personal computer. I have been writing lyrics and reviews for almost 20 years, for magazines and booklets, and when the world took a turn on the digital highway, I took my hobby to the Internet starting "BlackCat Rockabilly Europe" in 1993. Through the years I've always had that special love for British rock 'n' roll, and a few years ago I also made a website dedicated to my friend and idol, the Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll, Wild Bob Burgos. When Wild Bob finally went digital himself, I was very proud that he adapted my fanpages as his official website. This is not the end of a story, but merely another stepping stone in the history of rock 'n' roll music. Wild Bob Burgos is still very much alive and kickin' and the release of a newly recorded CD entitled "A Lifetime of Rockin'" is already in the making!

Marijn 'The BlackCat' Raaijmakers
Reviewer / editor / BlackCat Rockabilly Europe (Holland)

Liner notes from 100% Rockin';
7, St. Peters Place
Fleetwood, Lancashire
FY7 6EB England

The man who sings and plays the pure, heartbeatin', exciting true Rock 'n' Roll on this C.D. album, is really a believer in our music. He is a living legend and he is one of the best ambassadors for real Rockin' beat music in the world today! "Wild Bob Burgos" is an important crusader for what is really pounding original Rock 'n' Roll. But to be able to deliver the stuff as it used to be, and shall sound today,...You must have Blues in your soul and a very special rhythm feeling in your bones. Many Rock performers still try hard to do just this, but only a few are chosen to make it.

Wild Bob Burgos knows and feels how to do the job! He gives you exactly what young and old diggers of Rock 'n' Roll try to find! His well known Sledgehammer- Drumming is so good, right and strong that only a couple of others can show up the same high standard nowadays. Wild Bob has through the years played behind a whole bunch of Rock 'n' Roll legends. They have even stated many times in the past about how they all appreciate Wild Bob's dynamic and always steady back beat. I have seen these statements,....and here are some of the names: Johnny Carroll, Dickie Harrell (Original Gene Vincent's Blue Caps Drummer), Hank C. Burnette, Glen Glenn, Buddy Knox, Ronnie Dawson, Janis Martin, Dick Richards (Original Bill Haley's Drummer), Ray Campi, Sonny Burgess, Gene Summers, Freddie 'Fingers' Lee, Charlie Gracie, Hayden Thompson, Screamin' Lord Sutch and Billy Lee Riley. Wild Bob Burgos has played with many of the founders of Rock 'n' Roll,..including Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

"I have played with Chuck on five tours since the '70's, and I know he was satisfied with my back beat drumming, 'cause he has told me so, and I'm very proud of that. It gives me inspiration to further tasks." Says Wild Bob Burgos. He first started to play the drums when he was only eight years old, and by the time he reached the age of seventeen, he found himself in the middle of the very rich Blues and Rock scene in South London at that time. He also took up the rhythm guitar as well as being a great drummer, and played many gigs with members of The Joe South Band, Yardbirds, Alan Price Set, Overlanders, Long John Baldry Band, Geno Washington and his Ram Jam Band and a lot of others. I have followed Wild Bob Burgos through the years since I first heard him on records with Matchbox in the 70's. He is still the main stay of one of my all time favourite Rock 'n' Roll bands 'SHOTGUN' - Who are still recording great music to this day!

As a solo artist Wild Bob has developed his music abilities further. This veteran has saved many "lost souls" and got them back as real believing Rock 'n' Roll fans. Wild Bob Burgos has of course his heroes and mentors among drummers from the music history. One of his first ideals was Earl Phillips who played behind the legendary Bluesman Jimmy Reed. This explains a lot of Wild Bob's attitude towards good music. Jimmy Reed's records have this sad feeling mixed up with a strong beat. His "Big Boss Man" is a stone in the Rock 'n' Roll wall. "I've always loved that electric Chicago Blues feel, that I was brought up on when I was at school. I used to tune into the radio stations and hear this wonderful music that has stayed with me ever since. So I guess I am a true Blues Rocker !" Explains Wild Bob Burgos. Other great drummers that have inspired Wild Bob are Pretty Purdie (Played for James Brown, Nina Simone and Brook Benton), J.M. Van Eaton (Houserocker at Sun Records), and of course Earl Palmer "King of the Back Beat"( Played for Fats Domino, Little Richard and many others). "Get Rhythm" as Johnny Cash once formed it, is a necessary formular for delivering high quality Rock 'n' Roll and other good music. Even Mozart knew that ! Wild Bob Burgos has a clear philosophy on this matter.
"Drums, Bass and Rhythm Guitar,...These instruments alone will Rock any crowd, anywhere, and at any time, 'cause I've seen it, and done it with Chuck, and with other bands too. I've seen people frenzy when they hear a steam train Rhythm section, and it's a real great feeling when I realise that it is me driving that beat,....Especially when I'm looking out over the stage to 20,000 Rockin' people ! ! It's an amazing feeling, and hard to explain." Says Wild Bob Burgos. I think Wild Bob should watch his 'phone. If Charlie Watts gets too tired in his arms, Mick Jagger will make a call and offer him a job !
Because "Wild Bob Burgos" is the best man around !!

Author / Newspaper Reporter and Radio D.J. (Norway)

The very first time I saw Wild Bob Burgos was back in January 2005 when he was on stage performing live at a Rock 'n' Roll club in Helsinki, Finland. I had heard about the legendary Shotgun band before, so I was curious to see Wild Bob perfoming his own songs on stage with his own band. I was really impressed watching Wild Bob's perfomance and his singing was great,.... I simply like his gruff voice. Later I read more about him and his career and got a lot more impressed. Wild Bob comes from London where a certain beat and way of playing was born. In his music you can still hear that beat and also pinches of Blues and early Rock 'n' Roll. He has a long and colourful career already, and I'm convinced that he will be Rockin' for many years to come! Bob has played with many bands and with many original artists including Matchbox, The Wild Angels, Freddie Fingers Lee, Shotgun, Screamin' Lord Sutch, and many more, and has also been Chuck Berry's drummer for television, live shows and tours.

In the spring of 2006 we had a chance to invite Shotgun to perform at our Rock 'n' Roll party in Parainen, Finland. It was great to meet the guys personally and naturally we talked a lot about music. It was even greater to see Shotgun live on stage!......When Wild Bob Burgos took to the drums his energy suddenly filled the air with electricity and the band played from their hearts and souls and everybody had a lot of fun listening and dancing to this great band.

Most of the songs that Wild Bob performs and records nowadays are written by himself so he can add many spices that he wants to, and the result is always fascinating.
Wild Bob has recorded with many bands in the past and many solo records have been released world wide, and this new C.D. "DESTINATION ROCKIN' " by Wild Bob Burgos and his Houserockers purely rocks; nothin' more, nothin' less, and I'm sure you will enjoy this music from Wild Bob Burgos over and over again as I certainly do!!!

Author / Editor / and International Journalist (Finland)

Talking about Bob Burgos is talking about a man and his music. It would not be fair to write down the usual biography of this man, just mentioning the dates and highlights. If you listen to the music and the lyrics, you have to know the man behind the notes, rhythms and words. When I came across Bob in March 2006, as presenter of the Dutch Teddyboy Festival Weekender, I shook the mans hand who greeted me with his warmth and true love for wild Rock 'n' Roll, which I've never seen before by an artist. He's not the untouchable artist on his throne, but that simple man who takes his time for every fan. His kind of merchandising is just selling his love for Rock 'n' Roll to you. Although he was part of the famous band Matchbox he is'nt and never has been a commercial artist rushing in to a studio and recording as many albums as possible. No, he takes his time to record high quality Rock 'n' Roll.

He is the personification of what Rock 'n' Roll is: Simple and powerful. Reaching the maximum effect with few words and few chords in his songs. That is Bob Burgos. It doesn't matter if it was with C.S.A, The Wild Angels, Freddie Fingers Lee, The Cruisers, Lord Sutch and the Savages, The Rapiers, Matchbox, Shotgun or his own Houserockers ( all different bands ) , Bob is always extensively present with his driving sledgehammer of rhythm!

His admiration for the great Chuck Berry, who Bob has often worked with as his drummer is a master of writing simple songs with a whole story behind them, is reflected in Bobs own songs. He's not copying Chuck with songs containing that typical Berry guitar riff and ryhthm, but moreover with presenting you songs in which you can hear a mans experience of life. He doesn't write songs like a teenager, and drum like an adolescent. No, he drums like a middle aged man with the feel, power and innocence of a teenager! Placing his high standard in the world of Rock 'n' Roll with his remarkable and still untouchable way of drumming! There has been a generation of Rock 'n' Roll drummers for whom Spike Jones, Gene Krupa, Sandy Nelson or the likes were big influences.
For the new generation it is "Wild Bob Burgos" because he has done so much for the international Rockin' scene, and if one talks about a revival of great Rock 'n' Roll guitarists nowadays, many names come up into mind. But talk about drummers, and its just "Wild Bob Burgos" that fits into that category of real great drummers. There's no other drummer whom is spoken so much about than him. Don't be fooled by his tattoos, they don't hide the kindness of Bob, they just enlighten it. Every record and C.D. from Bob is an invitation to hear and see this man play life, because only then you can experience, feel and taste "Wild Bob Burgos".

Author / Editor / Festival Presenter and Radio D.J. (Holland)

Liner notes from Destination Rockin';
CH-8627 Grüningen

Wild Bob Burgos is an artist whose career I have looked at closely throughout the years with Matchbox, The Wild Angels, etc., and not forgetting his solo projects with his own band. He has a hell of a drum sound on several tracks and it really blends remarkably well with the rest of the instruments. That's strictly a recording aspect of his work, which really helps getting the music off the ground.

I've listened to Wild Bob's music before on a previous CD and found it very rewarding. Wild Bob's band are out of this world and I would really like to have these guys backing me up on some future recordings - that'd be a real kick in the ass!! These cats play some of the meanest Berry, Elmore James and what have you that I've heard for a hell of a long time!! I enjoyed Bob's music enormously, it really and truly shows that he knows where it's at as far as rock'n'roll goes. I won't put any brakes on, cause he deserves all the recognition he can playing rock'n'roll this good!! I'm always glad to help a fellow rocker of Wild Bob's calibre, because he really deserves it!

Hank C. Burnette
'The Spinning Rock Boogie Guitar Wizard'

No one has made a better impression than my friend Wild Bob... I say friend because I feel like I've known him for a long time. (Maybe we played music in another life together, who knows!) Listening to his music, I can tell he knows what he's doing. I love the overall feel of it, and how everything has its space so to speak. It's well thought out my man, and I really like that. All this and it has a nice edge to it too! Congratulations Bob! I hope things go well for you, and you can damn well count on me among, I'm sure, many fans. I hope we work together some time soon Bob, I think we speak the same language. Keep Rockin' man... always your pal,

Ronnie Dawson
'The Blond Bomber'

Wild Bob Burgos is one of the most in-demand session and stage rock'n'roll drummers in Europe. He has appeared on over 80 albums with estimated world sales of 1,250,000. Bob, who is of Spanish extraction, began his rock'n'roll career almost three decades ago as a founding member of South London's fabulous Shotgun. He has subsequently been drummer for Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets, Marty Wilde, Matchbox, Tommy Bruce, and many others. A prolific song-writer, his work has been recorded by The Blue Caps, The Comets, The Wild Angels, Screaming Lord Sutch, and others. Bob is perhaps equally as well known for his body tattoos as his wild vocals. Today he lives in Essex with his wife, and is always in demand as a performer in his own right on the continent. As rockabilly queen Janis Martin once said, 'Wild Bob Burgos IS Rock'n'Roll!'

Frantic Frankie

I was just listening to one of Bob's CD's and it's a great compliment to the 50s music as Wild Bob is a great singer and also a terrific drummer as well. This compact disc 'Red Hot 'n' Rockin" is truly rock'n'roll at its best. Thanks for everything Bob... a good buddy and friend.

Glen Glenn
'Mr Everybody's Movin'

Liner notes from Red Hot 'n' Rockin';
Finbarr International (U9)
Folkestone, Kent CT20 2QQ
United Kingdom


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